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CASSOPOLIS — One local medical facility is preparing for a big first.

For the first time, the Cass County Medical Care Facility will soon begin offering outpatient therapy services, which serve as a course of treatment for an injury or illness through a series of clinic visits rather than a long-term stay in a medical facility. According to facility administration, the move is years in the making.

“This is exciting,” said Rie Shimada, director of therapy services. “We are very excited to offer this service.”

As a government-operated nursing facility, the staff at Cass County Medical Care Facility are used to caring for the elderly and disabled inside its living facility. By offering outpatient services, Shimada said the facility is opening itself up to the entire community and people of all ages.

“People look at us as just serving older people,” she said. “Outpatient therapy is not just for seniors. We are open for high school students, athletes, police departments, fire departments. People get hurt. They don’t need to go out of county to get outpatient therapy. We can treat them here.”

Lutes said the facility will begin offering outpatient therapy services in the coming weeks and has already hired a team of staff to run the program smoothly and effectively.

“We have a tremendous team that will surpass our wildest expectations,” he said. “We are looking to be a regionally recognized therapy entity.”

 Lutes and Shimada said Cass County Medical Care facility offering outpatient therapy services will not only benefit its patients but will also benefit the community as a whole.

“My vision is that we serve all [people] right at the facility,” Shimada said.

“It’s giving a viable option with caliber staff right in the county, so [residents] don’t have to drive far to get outpatient services,” Lutes added. “It supports the county, so it’s a winning situation all around.”

For more information, contact the Cass County Medical Care Facility at (269) 445-3801.