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In this facility, we aim to provide a high standard of care for all participating residents. Residents may benefit from attending Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy to improve their quality of life. There are many debilitating conditions that therapy services can manage and improve, including illnesses, injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. We now offer Outpatient Therapy Services.

Our Rehab Services

We have comprehensive Physical, Occupational and Speech Language Pathology Therapists available for services seven days a week, and Outpatient Therapy Services, with exceptional customer service and Resident Centered Treatment plans for each individual resident. We provide the best clinical care to the residents we serve with Resident-Centered care, Functional Outcomes, Clinical Care Protocols and Specialized Programs including: Dementia Management, Restorative Nursing recommendations, Fall Prevention, Gait and Transfer Training, ADL Re-training, Seating and Positioning, Swallowing Disorders Management, Cognitive Retraining, and Home Safety Assessments. We utilize an array of specialized equipment to assist in functional progression, Kinetic upper and lower extremity biking system, Electric stimulation for neuro re-education & wound healing. Our therapists strive to increase functional abilities quickly, in order to return short-term rehab residents to home at their highest level of independence and long-term residents to maximum potential for the best quality of life.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist & Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants says, “Live life to the fullest!” They provide strengthening and training in the activities of daily living such as upper and lower extremity bathing/dressing, self feeding, grooming/hygiene, toileting and medication management. Occupational Therapy staff trains & educates residents on safe & effective positioning, pain management, fine motor skills and compensatory equipment such as dressing aides, reaching devices and splints if required to achieve increased function. 

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistants say, “Get up and move!” They provide a holistic approach to functional mobility restoration. They provide strengthening and training in all aspects of functional mobility, including range of motion, strengthening, neurological re-education, posture, positioning, coordination, balance, bed mobility, transfers and ambulation. Physical Therapy staff trains & educates residents of safe & effective functional mobility, pain management, edema reduction and utilization of appropriate assistive devices to maximize safe functional potential specific to each resident. 

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Language Pathologists say, “Communication is key!” They provide strategies to facilitate communication including addressing receptive and expressive language, motor speech, voice and cognitive deficits. They also focus heavily on addressing swallowing disorders including assessment and rehabilitation of swallowing and working closely with the dietary department to provide the appropriate modification for each individual resident.