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Cass County Medical Care Facility widens outpatient speech therapy services

With recent accreditation from the state of Michigan, Cass County Outpatient Therapy Services broadens the speech therapy options offered for regional patients at the Cassopolis facility. 

Speech therapy is a type of therapy that helps patients with speech disorders communicate more effectively. There are many different types of speech disorders, and CCOTS speech therapists specialize in helping patients with a variety of speech problems. Some common speech disorders that speech therapists work with include stuttering, dysarthria and apraxia. 

Speech therapy can help patients with speech disorders to improve their speech and communication skills. There are many different types of speech therapy services, and speech therapists can tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each patient. Speech therapy can be an important part of treatment for many different types of patients, including those with stroke, brain injury or other neurological conditions.

Read on to learn more about our expanded, comprehensive outpatient speech therapy services. 

Swallowing Training

Swallowing training is a common aspect of speech therapy. The swallowing muscles need to be strong enough to move the food or liquid from the mouth to the stomach. If the muscles are weak, then the person may have trouble swallowing. Swallowing training exercises can help to strengthen these muscles. 

There are a variety of different exercises that can be done, and a CCOTS speech therapist can help to tailor them to the individual’s needs. For example, one exercise might involve holding a straw in the mouth and swallowing while trying to keep the straw in place. Another might involve holding a piece of food in the mouth and swallowing without letting it touch the teeth. Swallowing training exercises can be helpful for people who have trouble swallowing due to weakness or coordination problems.

Communication & Receptive/Expressive Language Skills

Communication is a critical life skill that helps us interact with others, express our needs and wants and exchange information. Receptive language skills refer to the ability to understand communication from others, while expressive language skills involve the ability to communicate one’s own thoughts and ideas. Both sets of skills are important for effective communication.

Speech therapy can be an effective treatment for communication disorders that impact receptive or expressive language skills. CCOTS speech therapists work with patients of all ages to improve communication skills. Treatment may involve activities to improve listening, understanding, and expression. Therapy may also focus on teaching alternative communication methods, such as sign language or augmentative communication devices. By improving communication skills, speech therapy can help patients interact more effectively with others and lead more independent lives.

Oral Motor Strengthening

Oral motor strengthening is a type of speech therapy that focuses on improving the muscles and movements of the mouth, including exercises to improve jaw strength and range of motion, as well as activities to help the lips, tongue and cheeks. This type of therapy can be beneficial for people who have trouble with pronunciation, articulation or oral motor skills. It can also be used as a way to prevent oral motor problems from developing in the first place. 

Oral motor strengthening typically consists of exercises and activities that help patients improve their range of motion, muscle strength and coordination. CCOTS therapists may also use techniques such as shaping and modeling to help patients learn the correct way to produce specific sounds. With proper training, people can learn to improve their oral motor skills and reduce or eliminate their difficulties with speaking and eating.

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is a type of speech therapy that is used to help people with voice disorders. Voice disorders can be caused by a number of things, including vocal cord damage, voice abuse, neurologic conditions and voice strain. CCOTS voice therapy can help to improve the quality of a person’s voice and reduce voice disorders. 

CCOTS therapists will work with the patient to help improve their vocal technique and reduce any voice disorders. Voice therapy may also include exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the larynx.

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