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CCMCF resident shows appreciation and support for staff with a poem



William Griffin

A poem

Dedicated to all the staff

At the Cass County Medical Care Facility

When in rehab you don’t have much.

Some have most nothing at all

Some have visitors now and again,

While others just hope for a call.

The folks in a rehab are WAY understaffed

And overworked to boot…

But they do their best to pack a smile

And help all the cures to take root.

Short and long term patients abound.

Some help and some just demand

And some are just sort a there,

Just present and at hand.

Still the staff everyday

Help others with a smile.

Stubborn where they need to be

And kind all the while.

Taking patients to things outside

And caring for them ‘in room”.

In spite of how the staff feel themselves,

They chase away the patient’s gloom.

So I write this,

for all of those who helped care for me.

As I recovered from my stroke.

My thanks and love