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Welcome to our community.

From performances and events to wellness workshops and special brunches on our campus, come discover the exciting side of senior living. RSVP now for an upcoming event, meet our friendly residents and see our campus firsthand.

February 2020

Feb. 2nd     6:30pm Super Bowel Party with Snacks

Feb.  3rd 6:30pm Math Class with Ms. Gloria

                 Gloria  was a math professor. The activity department has a part time activity aide, Lexy who is a senior in high school. She was mentioning her studies to Ms. Gloria, when Ms. Gloria stated that she continues to enjoy doing math problems. Lexy brought in some of the business math and algebra that she had trouble understanding. Gloria showed Lexy how to do some of the math problems and was a great help to Lexy  in her studies.

Feb. 4th 11am Men’s Club

Feb. 6th  6pm-6:30pm Terry Smith Director of Facility Operations will provide a short progam on:

                  Maintenance Topics

                  Operations Topics: heating, cooling, facility grounds, trees, exterior cosmetics.

                   Staff as well as the community are welcome to attend

Feb. 9th 1:30pm 10 Children from the Edwardsburg Leo Club (part of the Lions Club) will be visiting us and decorating doors for Valentines Day.

Feb. 12th 10am Choir from Dowagiac High School performs

  • 2pm Resident Council Meeting

Feb. 13th 11am Glamour Shots 

  • 2pm Continue Glamour Shots

Feb. 14th  10am Valentine Party with Live Music

Feb. 18th 11am Men’s Club

Feb. 20th 2pm A Visit with the Zoo (Bringing 3 Animals) 

Feb. 26th 2pm Birthday Party of the Month with Live Entertainment 

Feb. 27th 6pm-6:30pm Brandi Jones Wound Nurse Manager will provide a short  program on:

                     Wounds/Skin-Skin issues and wounds in the elderly

                      Wound and skin care treatments utilized in long term care.

                      Staff as well as the community are welcome to attend.

Feb. 29th 2pm “Leap Day” Ice Cream Social