CCMCF COVID-19 Updates
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Welcome to our community.

From performances and events to wellness workshops and special brunches on our campus, come discover the exciting side of senior living. RSVP now for an upcoming event, meet our friendly residents and see our campus firsthand.


Due to current health situation the Activity Department will be doing room visits offering room activities, games, reading material, exercise and snacks. We will be happy in assisting residents with phone calls or do  Window Visits with families and friends. Thank You!

Jan. 1st

  • 3pm New Year Celebration Around the World 

Jan. 4th

  • Weigh in Day
  • Trivia Day
  • 11am Men’s Club
  • 2pm Finish the Line Trivia

Jan. 5th 

  • National Bird Day
  • 11am Reminisce 

Jan. 8th

  • Bubble Bath Day
  • 2pm Corn Hole
  • 6:30pm Music Time

Jan. 10th  

  • 10am Online Church Services

Jan. 14th

  • Dress up your pet day Day
  • 2pm Name That Price

Jan. 15th 

  • Hat Day
  • 10am Drumming
  • 11am Book Club

Jan. 18th

  • 10am Name That Tune

Jan. 19th

  • Popcorn Day
  • 11am Men’s Club
  • 2pm Smoothies

Jan. 20th 


  • 10am Shut The Box and other games
  • 3pm Resident Council
  • World Snow Day

Jan. 25th

  • 10am Current Events
  • 3pm Root Beer Floats

Jan. 26th

  • Spouse Day

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