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Welcome to our community.

From performances and events to wellness workshops and special brunches on our campus, come discover the exciting side of senior living. RSVP now for an upcoming event, meet our friendly residents and see our campus firsthand.


Jan1st 10:00am Watch New Years Day Parade & New Year Traditions

Jan. 2nd 6pm-6:30pm Tree of Knowledge Series (Engaging Dementia Residents with Activities) presented by Diana Masters 

Jan.  8th 3:30pm Men’s Club

Jan. 13th 11am Men’s Club

Jan. 15th   10am Live Entertainment

Jan. 16th 2pm Let’s Make Chicken Soup

Jan. 20th Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 23rd  6pm-6:30pm Keri Pantale Director Sensory/ Social Services will provide a short program on: Dementia 101 Basic information relating to dementia, the different types and the impact on daily life. Community as well as employees are welcome to attend.  

Jan. 25th 2pm Chinese New Year-Make Chinese Almond Cookies

Jan. 29th 2pm Birthday Party for the Month of January with Music 

Jan. 30th 2pm Let’s Visit Italy-Food and Music