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Welcome to our community.

From performances and events to wellness workshops and special brunches on our campus, come discover the exciting side of senior living. RSVP now for an upcoming event, meet our friendly residents and see our campus firsthand.

National Peach Month

Due to current health situation the Activity Department will be doing room visits offering room activities, games, reading material, exercise and snacks. We will be happy in assisting residents with phone calls or do  Window Visits with families and friends. Thank You!

Aug. 1st   

  • Homemade Pie Day 

Aug. 3rd  

  • Georgia Day
  • Watermelon Day
  • 6:30 pm Fresh Lemonade

Aug. 4th

  • White Wine Day
  • 2 pm Watermelon Express

Aug. 6th 

  • Gossip Day
  • 2 pm Ice Tea Time

Aug. 7th

  • Lighthouse Day

Aug . 9th

  • 2 pm Bible Study
  • Book Lover’s Day

Aug. 10th 

  • Spoil Your Dog Day   
  • S’mores Day

Aug. 11th  

  • National Bowling Day
  • 2 pm Men’s Club (Room Visits)

Aug. 12th

  • Catfish Month
  • 2 pm Root Beer Floats

Aug. 13th 

  • Left Hander’s Day

Aug. 16th 

  • National Roller Coaster Day

Aug. 19th

  • Aviation Day 
  • 2 pm Resident Council (Room Visits)

Aug. 20th

  • Radio Day
  • 11 am Men’s Club (Room Visits)

Aug. 22nd

  • Eat a Peach Day
  • Be an Angel Day

Aug. 21st     

  • Senior Citizen’s Day     
  • 2 pm Popsicle Cart

Aug 26th 

  • Dog Day 
  • 2 pm Smoothies

Aug. 28th

  • Bow Tie Day