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Visitation Guidance (6/2022)


The following list the requirements for indoor visits that must be met:

  • Health Screen must be completed reflecting no symptoms of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 testing is recommended and may be provided
  • Hand hygiene must be performed prior to visit and as needed throughout visit
  • Education regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) must be completed
  • Visitors should wear face coverings or masks and physically distance when around other residents or healthcare personnel, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Provided/well-fitting facial covering must be worn at all times when in the facility by ALL visitors
  • A facility staff member will be available for questions
  • Visits will be in the designated area for the duration of the visit
  • Visits will ONLY be with the intended/listed individual resident, no one else
  • Visitors should not share food/beverages when social distancing can not be maintained
  • Visitors must understand that visitation privileges:
    • Can change related to guidelines provided by the federal and state regulations
    • Can be revoked for those unable or unwilling to adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention
  • In-room visits must be limited to 2 [two] people due to required physical distancing
    • Well-fitting facial covering/masks must be worn. Only people who are vaccinated, visiting a resident who is vaccinated may remove their mask and have physical touch.
    • Visitor(s) please place magnet on room door frame to notify staff to do the required disinfecting after your visit.
  • Groups of 3 [three] or more need to reserve an area with activities department for a visiting location to maintain the required social distancing.
  • No one with any symptoms of illness will be allowed to visit
  • Visitors will be required to sign in and sign out using the kiosk
  • Outdoor visitation is the preferred method when the resident and/or visitor are not up to date with all recommended COVID-19 vaccination doses.

I/We agree that:

  • I/We have reviewed and understand the educational material related to hand hygiene, PPE and preventing the spread of COVID.
  • I/We have reviewed the above requirements and agree to follow them.
  • I/We release Cass County Medical Care Facility of any possible health related changes that occurs after a visit at Cass County Medical Care Facility.
  • I/We agree to report to Cass County Medical Care Facility, Infection Preventionist, any respiratory symptoms that occur within 14 days after a visit at Cass County Medical Care Facility and any positive COVID test.
  • I/We agree to remain in the designated visitation area